The many SIGNIFICANT OPERATIONAL benefits of operating

                             Technomax  ships  &  docks :


  • Port congestion is eliminated  =  JIT always achievable


  • Access to small sea and river ports

                                            = more markets in more countries


  • Barges are preloaded at the Technomax docks

                                = significant time saved loading/unloading


  • Barges are trimmed by ballasting according to its load


  • Double or treble handling of each container eliminated

                                                         =  saving time and transit cost

  • Technomax ship moors off-shore = zero dock fees

  • Hi speed of loading/unloading Technomax ships

                                  at Technomax docks = less time = lower cost


  • Technomax ship has lower centre of gravity

                                                     = improved seaworthiness


  •  Containers are not exposed to weather

                                                                    = zero loss at sea


  •  Technomax ship holds a mix of cargos

                                                         = greater logistic flexibility


  • Barges will access smaller sea and river ports

                                                 = more markets in more countries


  • Higher utilisation of each container

                                             = less empty containers in circulation


  • Lower inventory right through the supply chain

                                                     = reduction in capital invested


  • Less harmful emissions – less pollution – less energy

  • Supply chain - dock to dock – shorter by days/weeks

                                 = Considerable time saved and lower transit costs


  • Faster overall time and lower unit cost from supplier

                                                                                        to consumer

  • Attractive and rapid return on capital invested


  • New global standard for shipping all cargos

                                 = future volume growth will be easily handled


  • Military and disaster applications in various formats


  • Humanitarian barges, with a fully equipped hospital, positioned around the world can be quick to reach every emergency




There has been a huge growth in the worldwide use of standard containers but only a gradual development in container ship design over the past sixty years.


Dedicated container ships have grown in size and capacity but these have created many operating issues.


Technomax Greener Cargo Shipping Solutions are unmatched anywhere in the world.


Military demands create an opportunity for Technomax designs and applications.


The unique Technomax Universal Cargo & Docking Solutions are highly cost effective, will handle all  cargos and eliminate many of the problems currently being experienced in ports and terminals in all areas  of the world.