The TECHNOMAX concept, formulated by Michael Freeland over more than thirty years working at sea, is based on his extensive experience in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, which delivered a wide range of ammo, equipment and supplies to the NATO navies across the world.


The handling and shipping of cargos of all types presented a constant challenge because of the variations in size, weight and packaging and ensuring safe storage below deck.


Mechanisation was limited for handling transfers from ship to ship and from dock to ship.    Speedy accessibility of each cargo on board was vital so loading and stowage had to be planned precisely.


Although the USA navy developed a warship (LASH) to carry pre-loaded barges craned on board but only one was built and later retired.  BACO ships were operated for a while but the service ceased many years ago.


From this logical approach to speeding up the delivery of cargo from dock to dock across the oceans, Mr Freeland designed a unique range of ships, barges and docks which operate the

                       Technomax  Greener Shipping Solutions